Notes On Gregory Sherl: The world makes me want to hide in my bed/ but I was raped in my bed/ & this is how you end up on fire/ this is how you end up dead


I’ve been trying to write a blog post but no words will come. In the meantime, please read this powerful and important essay by Sarah Certa. I am in awe at her bravery.

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TW: the essay below contains depictions of abuse & domestic violence. Originally published here.
“Some of the glib dismissals of ‘call out culture’ make my blood boil. I say glib because they imply it is easy to call people out, or even that it has become a new social norm. I know, for instance, how hard it is to get sexual harassment taken seriously. Individuals get away with it all the time. They get away with it because of the system. It is normalised and understood as the way things are. Individual women have to speak out, and testify over and over again; and still there is a system in place, a system that is working, that stops women from being heard. In a case when a woman is harassed by an individual man, she has to work hard to call him out.  She often has to keep…

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Oh I have been waiting for this for a long long time. After Coven finished I was like a lost soul, searching to get my fix of twisted story lines and fabulous f*ckery (sorry I just had to!) And now the time has come, my next dose as been delivered with the next season of American Horror Story- This time set in a ‘freak show’ circus in 50’s America (specifically a place called Jupiter in Florida…how cool!)
Halloween month couldn’t be a better time for this show to start.

I don’t want to write a long post on each episode because trust me that would be pages long, so instead, here’s a quick list of the things I loved most/can’t wait to see.




I went to the cinema alone today.

When I tell people this it usually surprises them. “You went to the cinema alone?!” ‘How sad,’ they probably think inwardly.

In fact I think it’s sadder that, for some reason, going to the cinema alone is some sort of social faux pas where you’re seen as a loner or just an all round freak in general (which I am but that’s beside the point.) I mean, 1. Why would you hold yourself back from doing things you want to do, or in this case, seeing movies you want to see, just because you have no one to go with? And as much as I think going to the movies can be a great thing to do with others, It’s also a great thing to do by yourself…I mean, it’s not like you can talk anyway (or at least you shouldn’t be!)

For the most part going to the cinema alone is fun, necessary and perfect for when you want to see Sharknado 2 but can’t bribe anyone to go along with you. I seriously recommend everyone take themselves out on a date to the movies.




Here I go again. I may not like horror films anymore but damn I’ve been talking about them a lot lately.

Horror films. Classically they’ve never been well respected in the world of cinema, and women have never been represented as particularly favorable characters, either killed of straight away, portrayed as the victim/damsel in distress that needs saving, or the bitch that deserved to be killed anyway because of some ‘sinful’ act she’s preformed like drinking or taking drugs…wow. It’s great to be a woman in a horror film.



In Celebration of one of my favorite authors, creator of one of my favorite characters, the gorgeous Gatsby, I’m rebloging my interview with myself as homage to the great F.Scott Fitzgerald. Thank you for the beautiful prose, and the magical stories.

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“All good writing is swimming under water and holding your breath.”- F.Scott Fitzgerald.

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